Lesson : John Meets His Team


It's Friday.  Alicia had set up a meeting with the Enterprise Engineering Services team to introduce John as their new manager for 10am in the Enterprise conference room. Diane will chair the meeting.  Elaine, John, Harry, Rahul, Marva, Lesley, James, Bill, and Brian have already seated themselves around the conference room table.  Satish, Jane, Lance, Shyam, and Roman have joined the conference call using Teams. 

Going into the meeting, John is a little apprehensive.  This is the beginning of his management career.  Self-doubt starts to creep in when you try something new.  John thinks about the "Peter Principle".  Is this job going to be too much for him?  Is he able to handle the extra pressure? 

Oh, the meeting is about to start.

Diane: Ok, good morning everyone. Well, you have probably heard this already, but I wanted to have a meeting with you to formally introduce John as your new manager, and answer any questions you may have.  I also want to thank Elaine again for her years leading this team.  Elaine, today's your last day, right?

Elaine: Yes, Diane. And everyone, I'll miss you all.  It was great seeing those of you that could join me for dinner Wednesday evening.

Diane hosted a farewell dinner for Elaine at Bud and Marylin's, a local American restaurant within walking distance of the office.   

Elaine: John and I will have a final turnover meeting after this one to go over a few things that are in progress.

Diane: Sure, thanks Elaine.  Does anyone have any questions?

Harry: I have a question for John.  John, when do we all get a raise?

John: Thanks for the question Harry.  I'll get back to you.

Diane: Ok, if there are no other questions, we'll adjourn this meeting. Thanks everyone!

Everyone leaves the conference room except John and Elaine.  Elaine opens her notebook.

Elaine: Ok John, one final status on the two activities that are still in progress. First, the Wi-Fi 6 development project.  As you know, Rahul, Lesley and Roman are working on this one.  They are essentially done the development, and have completed unit testing.  So next week there is a meeting with the QA team to start the test planning.  I'll forward you the meeting invitation.

John: Right, I think I got an email from the project manager already about that one.

Elaine: Good.  The other thing is security camera RTSP standardization project.  Satish and Harry have been working on a firmware upgrade.  It went through QA testing already.  I'll send you the test results report in an email.  There are a number of bugs found, and so we have to get them fixed ASAP to stay on schedule.

John: Right, got it.  I'll have to push this one along very quickly.

After the meeting, John was feeling a little stressed.  He wondered, is this what I have to expect from now on?  Was this a good idea?  John took a deep breath, and said to himself that that he will get used to this.  He was glad it was Friday.  He'll have the weekend to get his head around it.

Flash Card Drill

creep in     (しの)()
  • Doubts began to creep into my mind about the likely success of the project.  
  • プロジェクトの成功の可能性について疑問が頭に浮かび始めた。
turnover meeting     ()()ぎのミーテイング
  • The turnover meeting between the developer and the customer was held last Wednesday.  
  • 開発者と顧客の間の引き継ぎのミーテイングが先週の水曜日にありました。
standardization     標準(ひょうじゅん)()
  • The standardization of all the computer equipment in the company saved us time and money because our engineers only had to learn about the computer hardware that was part of the company standard.  
  • 会社のすべてのコンピューター機器を標準化することで、エンジニアは会社の標準の一部であるコンピューターハードウェアについて学ぶだけで済み、時間とお金を節約できました。
get his head around it     その(こと)(かんが)えて理解(りかい)する
  • It took a while, but I've finally gotten my head around this chapter in my calculus textbook.  
  • しばらく時間がかかりましたが、微積分学の教科書でようやくこの章を理解出来ました。
apprehensive     不安(ふあん)
  • Although a little apprehensive at first about her new job, she settled into it remarkably quickly.  
  • 最初は新しい仕事に少し不安を感じていましたが、彼女はとても早くその仕事に落ち着けました。
Peter Principle     ピーターの法則(ほうそく)
  • He was promoted numerous times, but when he became vice president, he could not do the job up to expectations. When the president fired him, he mentioned that he was a victim of the Peter Principle.  
  • 彼は何度も昇進したが、副社長になったとき、期待通りの仕事をすることができなかった。社長が彼を解雇したとき、彼は彼がピーターの法則の犠牲者であると述べました。