Lesson : Fujiko Hemming Autobiography


"You have to be delicate. If you don't have the delicacy to stroke a cat, you won't get a beautiful sound," says pianist Fujiko Hemming. Her autobiography, "The Miracle Pianist's Philosophy of Life, Eventually the Bell Rings," summarizes her turbulent life, overcoming the difficulties of temporarily losing her hearing and achieving late-blooming success.

Tough lessons and bullying in her childhood, loss of nationality, and sudden illness...  Hemming spells out the hardships that have fallen upon her. She appeared on a television documentary in 1999, and became the woman of the hour.  Up until then, she had lived a very harsh life.

However, even when her life was difficult, she did not lose her kindness to the weak. She has held many charity concerts in recent years and continues to support animal welfare organizations. "I'm a Christian. I can't face God unless I do something with the income I earned."

She is widely known as a cat lover, comparing the knack of playing the piano to cats. "Just looking at their movements will heal you. I hate meeting people I don't like, but I can't hate cats even if they do something bad."

Some of her performances were canceled or postponed in 2020 due to the coronavirus. When asked about her future aspirations, she said, "I have a lot of things I want to do, but ... I just do the work that someone brings me." She will continue to impress through sound.

Cover of "Miracle Pianist's Philosophy of Life, Eventually the Bell Rings"


Vocabulary Flash Card Drill

delicacy     繊細(せんさい)
  • The spider web was woven with such delicacy that it made it artistic and beautiful.  
  • 蜘蛛の巣は、とても繊細に織られていて芸術的で美しいものでした。
miracle     奇跡(きせき)
  • It was truly a miracle that he recovered from his illness so quickly.  
  • 彼が病気からすぐに回復したのは本当に奇蹟でした。
turbulent     波乱(はらん)
  • The sixties were a turbulent period in American history.  
  • 60年代はアメリカの歴史の中で波乱な時代でした。
aspiration     願望(がんぼう)
  • Her aspiration to attain the ideal has been realized.  
  • 理想を達成したいという彼女の願望は実現しました。
autobiography     自伝(じでん)
  • He had help writing his autobiography from his family and friends.  
  • 彼は家族や友人から自伝を書くのを手伝ってもらいました。
bullying     いじめ
  • His bullying of the younger students eventually caused one of them to commit suicide.  
  • 彼の若い学生へのいじめは、ついに、彼らのうちの1人を自殺に追い込みました。
knack     こつ
  • She has a knack for saying the right thing at the right time.  
  • 彼女は適切なタイミングで適切なことを言うためのこつを持っています。
organization     団体(だんたい)
  • The Yakult Ladies is an organization that is in charge of product sales and distribution for Yakult.  
  • ヤクルトレディは、ヤクルトの商品販売・流通を担当する団体です。
philosophy     哲学(てつがく)
  • The Rays' pitching management philosophy is to not allow any of their pitchers to go through the lineup more than two times.  
  • レイズのピッチング管理哲学は、どのピッチャーも2回以上ラインナップを回れないようにすることです。
eventually     やがて
  • Eventually, the rain stopped and the sun came out.  
  • やがて雨はやみ、太陽が出てきました。