Lesson : Date Debriefing


After her date with John, Marie got home at around 11pm.  She was somehow elated and at the same time relieved.  Suddenly she heard a ping from her phone.  It was Jenny.

Jenny Texting... So how did it go?

Marie Texting...   Ok.  Talk?

Jenny calls Marie's cell phone and she answers.

Jenny: Just Ok?

Marie: Well, better than that.  John seems to be a very nice guy.  We talked for a few hours.  I couldn't believe we talked that long.

Jenny: That's a good sign.  He would have made up an excuse to leave early if he was not interested.  What did you talk about?

Marie: Hmmm, we talked about work.  It looks like he might go into management at Comcast.  Ah, and we talked about family, and a little about past relationships, which was a bit awkward.

Jenny: Always is.  I think this is great.  You've buried yourself in work since you broke up with Cal.  Like I've been saying all along, you gotta get out there and have some fun.  Life is short!  And who knows, this guy could be Mr. Right.

Marie: I know, I know. I do think he is cute in his own way.  I've never dated a geek before.

Jenny: I have a good feeling about this.

Meanwhile, after the date, John got home and went to bed. At the office the next morning, John and Harry talk about what happened.

Harry: So, how was your romantic night with Marie?

John:  I wouldn't call it romantic per se.  John said chuckling... It was nice though.  She is quite the inquisitive one.  She asked a lot of questions.  But I didn't mind really.  And she is better looking than I remember her from when we all met.  

Harry: Cool.  So how did you leave it?  Are you going to go out with her again?

John: Sure.  I think she will be up for that.  I'll text her sometime today to see where we stand.

Harry: Maybe wait until tomorrow! You can't appear to be desperate you know.  Make her squirm a little before you call.

John: Man, you are mean.   John says laughing...

Flash Card Drill

a good sign     ()兆候(ちょうこう)
  • The fact that she did not slap you in the face is a good sign that your relationship is not dead.  
  • 彼女があなたの顔を平手打ちしなかったという事実は、あなた達の関係が終わっていないことの良い兆候です。
elated     (だい)(よろこ)びする
  • She was elated to hear that her daughter is engaged to be married.  
  • 彼女は娘が結婚の約束をしたと聞いて大喜びした。
relieved     安心(あんしん)した
  • To tell you the truth, I was never more relieved to hear that my son was accepted into the Army.  
  • 実を言うと、息子が陸軍に受け入れられたと聞いて、私はこれ以上安心したことはありませんでした。
excuse     ()(わけ)
  • His excuse for not showing up was very lame. I think this may be the end for our relationship.  
  • 現れなかったという彼の言い訳は非常に不十分でした。これで私たちの関係は終わりかもしれないと思います。
relationship     関係(かんけい)
  • Are you two just dating or are you in a relationship?  
  • あなた達二人はただ会っているだけですか、それとも付き合っているのですか?
awkward     ぎこちない
  • It was awkward talking about our past relationships.  
  • 私たちの過去の関係について話すのはぎこちなかったです。
break up     (わか)れる
  • She broke up with me while we were dating in high school. Funny that we got married 10 years later.  
  • 私たちが高校で付き合っていたとき、彼女は私と別れた。 面白いことに10年後に僕達は結婚した。
Mr. Right     理想(りそう)(ひと)
  • Who knows, he could be Mr. Right.  
  • 事によると、彼は理想の人であるかもしれません。
debriefing     報告(ほうこく)
  • My debriefing lasted 5 hours. The international politics involved in coming to an agreement are astounding.  
  • 私の報告は5時間続きました。合意に至るまでの国際政治は驚くべきものです。
romantic     ロマンチック
  • Our evening was not especially romantic. We talked about work mostly.  
  • 私たちの夜は特にロマンチックではありませんでした。私たちは主に仕事について話しました。
inquisitive     好奇(こうき)(しん)旺盛(おうせい)
  • Once he was comfortable with us he opened up, displaying a sharp and inquisitive mind.  
  • 彼が私たちに居心地よさを感じると、彼は心を開いて、鋭く好奇心旺盛な気持を示しました。
desperate     必死(ひっし)
  • I don't want to appear desperate. She'll think I am a real loser if I come on too strong.  
  • 私は必死にみえたくない。私が強く出すぎると、彼女は私が本当の敗者だと思うでしょう。
squirm     もがく
  • With all her probing questions I began to squirm a bit. Very stressful.  
  • 彼女のすべての詳細な質問で、私は少しきまり悪くなり始めました。とてもストレスがたまりました。