Case Closed

Curriculum: John and Marie Part 1
Published: 2020-10-30
Case Closed

You may recall that the first day of the trial ended rather abruptly.  Remember when Brian Carter went over to talk to the prosecutor after the trial was adjourned?  Well, this is how that conversation went.  

Brian Carter: Hello Mr. Silver.  Do you have a minute to talk?

Adam Silver: Sure.  What can I do for you?

Carter: After listening to the defense's statement, and thinking it over a bit, I want to drop the case.  

Silver: Are you sure that's what you want?  We've gone through a lot of trouble and expense to bring this to trial, and you just want to drop it?

Carter: Yeah, I know this is not what you want to hear now.  But in the back of my mind I feel a little guilty about instigating the whole thing.  And I think that will come out in the trial.  It's going to make me look like a hothead drunk.

Silver: I understand, but you already do look a little bit like that already.  But anyway, Ok, I'll let the defense know.  I'll petition the court for a dismissal.

Carter: Thanks a lot Mr. Silver.  I'm sorry about all this.

Silver: No problem, I've seen this kind of thing happen before.  Not my first rodeo you know.

Silver called Marie Wiley after he got back to his office.

Silver: Hello Marie, this is Adam Silver.  I have some good news for you.  Not so good for me though. Carter has decided that he doesn't want to press charges after all.  Can you believe it? After we already made it to trial, this happens?  Crazy.

Marie:  Wow that is news.  Well, that is indeed great news. I've never been involved in something that has been withdrawn so late.  What do I need to do?

Silver: Not much, except to inform your client.  I'll be sending over some paperwork for you and your client to sign.  That's about it.

Marie: Ok, thanks Adam.  Better luck next time.

Marie hangs up, and immediately calls Joey Lasso to let him know about the good news.

Marie: Hi Joey, this is Marie at the law office.  Hey, I have some great news for you.  The plaintiff has decided to have all charges dropped against you.  He had a change of heart apparently.

Joey: Really?  Oh my god, that is great news!  What happened that changed Carter's mind?

Marie: I don't know really.  I'll find out the details when I get a chance.  But in the meantime, try to stay out of bar fights, will you?  And one more thing, this does not mean that there won't be any legal fees.  I'll send you out a final invoice in the next few days or so.

Joey: Um, thanks. Sure...  Anyway, thank you very much for all your help Marie!

Flash Card Drill

abruptly     突然(とつぜん)
  • After news of his campaign's corruption, he abruptly quit.  
  • 彼のキャンペーンの不正のニュースの後、彼は突然やめました。
conversation     会話(かいわ)
  • Our conversation was about global warming, of which there is considerable disagreement.  
  • 私たちの会話は地球温暖化についてでしたが、かなりの意見の相違があります。
prosecutor     検察官(けんさつかん)
  • The prosecutor is a very experienced lawyer that prosecuted many cases before the defense attorney was even born.  
  • 検察官は、被告の弁護人が生まれる以前にすでに多くの事件を起訴した経験豊富な弁護士です。
drop the case     訴訟(そしょう)()()
  • The court case was dropped because the plaintiff decided it was not worth his time.  
  • 原告が自分の時間を費やす価値がないと判断したため、訴訟は取り下げられました。
hothead     ()()(おお)(ひと)
  • Guys like him who are hotheads tend to be violent when angered.  
  • 血の気の多い彼のような男達は、怒ると暴力的になる傾向があります。
drunk     ()った(ひと)
  • His brother is a drunk that wasted his life.  
  • 彼の兄はアル中で彼の人生を台無しにしました。
petition     嘆願(たんがん)する
  • They have no evidence, so I'll petition the court for a dismissal.  
  • 彼らには証拠がないので、私は裁判所に棄却を嘆願します。
dismissal     却下(きゃっか)
  • The dismissal of the court case made my family so very happy and relieved.  
  • 訴訟の却下により、私の家族はとても嬉しく安心しました。
not my first rodeo     (はじ)めてじゃないこと
  • You should listen to me about this. This is not my first rodeo. My plan will work.  
  • あなたはこれについて私に耳を傾けるべきです。これは私の最初の経験ではありませんから。私の計画はうまくいくでしょう。
paperwork     事務(じむ)処理(しょり)
  • We'll send over the paperwork now. Just sign and send it back as soon as you can.  
  • 書類をお送りします。署名して、できるだけ早く返送してください。
invoice     請求(せいきゅう)(しょ)
  • I'll send you the invoice for my services today. How would you like to pay?  
  • 本日、私の提供したサービスの請求書をお送りします。どのようにお支払い頂けますか?
statement     陳述(ちんじゅつ)
  • The defense lawyer's statement to the jury was to stress his client's innocence.  
  • 陪審員に対する被告側弁護士の陳述は、彼の依頼人の無実を強調することでした。
instigate     扇動(せんどう)する
  • The fight was instigated by the big guy over there.  
  • 喧嘩はあそこの大男によって扇動されました。
press charges     告訴(こくそ)する
  • After talking to the boy's mother, the man decided not to press charges.  
  • 男は少年の母親と話をした後、告訴しないことにした。
apparently     どうやら
  • Apparently there are still considerable financial resources available for additional travel subsidies.  
  • どうやら、追加の旅行補助金に利用できるかなりの財源がまだあります。
change of heart     心変(こころが)わり
  • He had a change of heart about pressing charges against Joey.  
  • 彼はジョーイに対する告発について心変わりした。