Lesson : John Meets Marie


Harry invited John to come out for drinks with some of Harry's friends from college.  They arrive at the Franklin Bar on 18th St. at around 6pm, and Harry sees his crowd at a table towards the back of the bar.  Four people are sitting at the table - Jamal, Flynn, Jenny, and Marie.

Harry: Hey what's up?  Jenny!  Hey Jamal, hi Flynn.  Hello...

Jamal: Hey Harry, how's it going bro?

Harry:  Good Jamal, how are you doing?

Jamal: It's all good.  

Jenny: Harry, this is my friend Marie.  She's from Cherry Hill too.

Harry: Nice to meet you Marie.  And I'd like to introduce you all to John - he's a bud from work.

They all give John a warm welcome greeting while Harry and John sit down at the table.

John: Great meeting you all.  So you all went to Penn?

Flynn: Yeah, but we didn't all graduate the same year.  Some people are slower than others. Glancing at Harry, with a devilish grin...

Harry: Very funny.  Well, I for one have a larger brain than the rest of you, so it took extra time to fill it up.   All laughing...

The waiter comes over and takes Harry and John's drink orders, and they order a couple of things off the bar menu to munch on.

Jenny: So do you both work in the same group at Comcast?

Harry: Yup, we do basically the same job in the engineering group.  Our boss - her name is Elaine - I think she has a little crush on Johnny here.  

John: I don't think so.  John said laughing... I hope not!  But if she comes on to me, does that qualify for "Me Too" harassment?

Jenny I think that is just for us girls. Jenny said smiling... 

Harry: Ok Ok.  So Marie, tell us how you know Jenny.

Marie: Well, we grew up in the same neighborhood in Cherry Hill.  My family moved there when I was 8.  Jenny's mom brought Jenny over to meet us on moving-in day.  From that day we became best buddies.

John:  So, you went to high school together?  

Marie:  Yes, we did - we both went to Haddonfield. Then we went to different colleges, but we stayed in touch.

They stayed at the bar for another hour or so, talking about various topics ranging from work, politics, and sports.  Then it was time to go.  After saying their farewells, Harry and John started walking back towards the subway station.

Harry: So, what did you think of Marie?

John:  Ah, she seems very nice.  I am kind of surprised she is still single.  

Harry: Yeah, she had some tough times.  Jenny told me that Marie got married when she was still in college, but it only lasted 10 months.  So, she's probably pretty cautious about who she gets involved with.  

John: I see.  Well, to be honest, I'd like to ask her out, but is there a way to see if there is any interest from Marie before I do that?  As you know well, I take rejection badly.   Grinning.

Harry:  I'll ping Jenny later and see where we are.  Talk to you tomorrow at the office.

John: Ok, sounds good.  

Meanwhile, Jenny and Marie walk back to the parking lot where Jenny parked her car.

Jenny: Well, you and John seemed to hit it off. Interested?

Marie: I knew you were going to ask me that.  Did you guys plan this?

Jenny: Maybe we did, maybe we didn't.  Jenny said giggling.  So what's your answer?

Marie:  Hmmm, well, ahhh, I guess it wouldn't hurt if he called me.

Harry reaches his apartment, and texts Jenny.

Harry Texting...   Are we a go

Jenny Texting... Yes we got the green light.   She's expecting a call tomorrow evening.   Jenny adds a Smily face emoji.

Flash Card Drill

bro     兄弟(きょうだい)仲間(なかま)
  • Hey bro, good to see you again!  
  • やあ、君、また会えて嬉しいよ!
  • Never mess with your bro's date, sister, or mother.  
  • あなたの兄弟のデートの相手や姉妹、または母親に対して決して邪魔しない事。
all good     すべて()
  • It's all good. Thanks for asking.  
  • 全ていいよ。質問してくれてありがとう。
  • How's work? It's all good. Especially since I got a raise.  
  • 仕事はどう?いいよ。特に昇給したのでね。
bud     友達(ともだち)
  • John's my best bud from work.  
  • ジョンは職場での私の一番の友達です。
glance     ちらっと()
  • Glancing at Mark, he made a snide comment about his taste in shoes.  
  • マークをちらっと見ながら、彼は靴の好みについて嫌味なコメントをしました。
devilish     魔性(ましょう)
  • He smiled a devilish grin as he peered at his adversary.  
  • 彼は敵をじっと見つめながら、悪魔のような笑みを浮かべた。
grin     ニヤニヤ
  • He glanced at Harry with a sheepish grin. Busted!  
  • 彼はおどおどした笑みを浮かべてハリーをちらっと見た。
Me Too     (わたし)も(ミーツー)
  • The "Me Too" movement is responsible for uncovering many sexual harassment cases in the US.  
  • 「私も」の運動のおかげで、米国での多くのセクハラ事件を明らかにしている。
harassment     (いや)がらせ
  • Her boss was charged with sexual harassment for his horrific behavior.  
  • 彼女の上司は彼の恐ろしいふるまいのためにセクハラで起訴されました。
subway     地下鉄(ちかてつ)
  • I took the subway from 41st to mid-town, and got there before 10am.  
  • 41番ストリートからミッドタウンまで地下鉄に乗り、午前10時前に到着しました。
farewells     (わか)
  • We said our farewells and walked off into the night alone.  
  • 私たちは別れを告げ、一人で夜に向かってたち去った。
pretty     かなり
  • He's pretty cool for a baby boomer.  
  • 彼は団塊の世代としてはかなりかっこいいです。
ask out     (さそ)
  • He asked her out but she shot him down.  
  • 彼は彼女をデートに誘ったが、彼女は彼を撃ち落した(はっきり断った)。
rejection     拒絶(きょぜつ)
  • He received rejection letters from all the employers he sent his resume to.  
  • 彼は履歴書を送ったすべての雇用主から拒否の手紙を受け取りました。
  • Don't say no! I can't handle rejection.  
  • 駄目と言わないでください!私は拒否される事をうまく処理できません。
a go     前進(ぜんしん)
  • Is it a go?  
  • それは進めていいって事?
  • It's a go! Give me Marie's phone number!  
  • それはいいって事だよ!マリーの電話番号を教えて!
green light     許可(きょか)
  • She gave him the green light to call.  
  • 彼女は彼に電話をかけてきてもいいとの許可を与えた。
Smiley face     笑顔(えがお)絵文字(えもじ)
  • He texted a smiley face to his sister after she texted that she liked the gift he sent her.  
  • 彼が妹に送った贈り物を気に入ったと彼女が彼にテキストメッセージを送ってきた後、彼は彼女に笑顔マークをテキストメッセージで送った。
crush     べた()
  • She has a crush on her boss. I wonder where it will lead.  
  • 彼女は上司に恋をしている。一体どうなるのだろうか。
hit it off     意気投合(いきとうごう)する
  • When they first met, Jack and Bill really hit if off, probably because they are big sports fans.  
  • ジャックとビルは、彼らが最初に会ったとき、おそらく彼らがスポーツの大ファンであるために、すぐに意気投合しました。