Lesson : Is John Becoming a Manager?


When the interview was finished, John had a good feeling that it went well.   Elaine Sill's boss, Diane LaSalette, HR manager Bill Lambert, and Michael Waller, the Senior Director of Product Management had a brief conference call at 3:30 that afternoon.  All of them agreed that John was a great fit to replace Elaine as manager of the Enterprise Engineering Services team.  

The next morning, Diane called John into her office to talk.

John:  Hi Diane, you wanted to see me?

Diane: Yes, John.  Please shut the door. John closes the door quietly.  Diane smiles... So, I have some good news for you.  I've decided to promote you to fill Elaine's position. 

John: Oh, that's great Diane!  Thanks very much for having confidence in me.  I'll do my best to fill Elaine's shoes.

Diane: I'm sure you will.  There will be some paperwork that you will need to sign, and of course you'll be moving into Elaine's office.  There is also a management orientation day that will be scheduled for you.  See my admin Alicia for dates and any other logistics.   Diane stands, with a hand extended... Welcome to my management team, John.  

John exits Diane's office and walks over to Alicia's cubicle

John: Hi Alicia, I'm John Chestnut.  I just got done talking to Diane, and she said you would help me with my transition to manager.  

Alicia: Hi John.  Sure - and congratulations!   Alicia looks at her computer screen... Ok, I heard from HR, and your first day as manager will be the first of February, which is a Monday.  I've scheduled your management orientation day for February 3rd.  These sessions are held once a month, so timing is good.  

John:  Interesting.  Can you tell me a little about what happens at orientation?  

Alicia: Well, it's a lot of things really.  They will teach you how to use the time clock system to post your team's hours and PTO.  They'll teach you about how the payroll system works.  Oh, and they'll show you the system we use for hiring talent.  It's fairly comprehensive.  If you need any help with anything else please let me know. 

John: Thanks Alicia.  I think I'll have plenty of questions after I start on the first. 

Alicia: No problem.  Oh, and one more thing.  There will be an email announcement coming out this week that you got the job.  The folks that will report to you will probably want to know more about the transition now, so we'll probably have a meeting with them and Diane to formally introduce you as their new manager.  We'll have that meeting this week, probably Friday.  You have a few remote folks on your team so we'll conference them in

John: Got it.  Thanks again Alicia. 

John proceeds back to his cubicle.  There he meets Harry, and they talk...

Harry:  So, how'd it go? 

John: I got the job.  I start on February 1st. That's only three weeks away.  Wow, I can't believe this is happening. 

Harry: Yeah, not to mention you'll be my boss.  That'll be a little weird. 

John: Yeah, I guess so.  I'm sure it will work out Ok. 

Harry: Have you told Marie yet? 

John: No, I'm having dinner with her this weekend, so I'll tell her then.  

Flash Card Drill

cubicle     キュービクル
  • All of our software developers are in cubicles near the ping pong table.  
  • 私たちのソフトウェア開発者は全員、卓球台の近くのキュービクルにそれぞれいます。
got it     了解(りょうかい)した
  • Joseph: Ok, first you turn left at Main Street, then a right at Filmore Street, and then it's on the right. OK? Maruko: Got it.  
  • ジョセフ:ええと、最初にメインストリートで左折し、次にフィルモアストリートで右折する、そしたら右側にあります。 OK? まる子:了解しました。
report to     報告(ほうこく)する
  • I have 14 people that directly report to me, and 13 of them are remote.  
  • 私の直属の部下は14人で、そのうち13人は遠隔地にいます。
remote     遠隔(えんかく)
  • I have 20 people on my team, and 18 of them are remote. I've never met most of them in person!  
  • 私のチームには20人がいて、そのうち18人はリモートです。私は彼等のほとんどに直接会ったことがありません!
confidence     自信(じしん)
  • I have confidence that I can win the election and become a great leader for this country.  
  • 私は選挙に勝ち、この国の偉大なリーダーになる自信があります。
promote     昇進(しょうしん)する
  • He was promoted from junior engineer to senior engineer.  
  • 彼はジュニアエンジニアからシニアエンジニアに昇進しました。
orientation     オリエンテーション
  • John will go through management orientation sessions with other new managers next week.  
  • ジョンは来週、他の新しいマネージャー達と一緒に管理オリエンテーションセッションを受けます。
transition     移行(いこう)
  • His transition to manager will be harder than he thinks.  
  • 彼のマネージャーへの移行は彼が思っているより難しいでしょう。
logistics     ロジスティクス
  • The logistics for our big annual meeting are still being formulated.  
  • 私たちの大きな年次総会の詳細な計画はまだ策定中です。
comprehensive     包括(ほうかつ)(てき)
  • The management orientation training is fairly comprehensive.  
  • 管理オリエンテーショントレーニングはかなり包括的です。
talent     人材(じんざい)
  • The talent pool for a position like this is very limited.  
  • このようなポジションの人材プール(予備軍)は非常に限られています。
payroll     給与(きゅうよ)
  • We had just enough money to meet payroll last month.  
  • 先月の給与計算に見合うだけのお金がありました。
PTO     有給(ゆうきゅう)休暇(きゅうか)
  • I'm going to take PTO next week and go on a nice trip to Hawaii.  
  • 来週は有給休暇をとって、ハワイへの素敵な旅行に行きます。
post     掲示(けいじ)する
  • He posted the wrong number of PTO hours in the system, so it caused a lot of confusion.  
  • 彼はシステムに間違った有給休暇時間数を掲示したため、多くの混乱を引き起こしました。
announcement     発表(はっぴょう)
  • The announcement of his promotion was greeted with wide approval by the employees.  
  • 彼の昇進の発表は、従業員の幅広い承認を得て迎えられました。
conference them in     (かれ)らを会議(かいぎ)参加(さんか)させる
  • Regarding the remote folks, we'll conference them into the meeting before we start.  
  • 遠隔地の人々については、開始する前に会議に参加させます。