Lesson : Biden Delivers Victory Speech


Former Vice President Joe Biden (77), the Democratic candidate in the US presidential election, gave a victory speech in Wilmington, Delaware on the night of November 7th, and about 1,000 supporters attended. "I will be a president who aims for unity, not division." While listening to Mr. Biden speak, people were re-questioning American society and its values.

"I have been miserable for the last four years."

Because of the coronavirus it was not possible to enter the venue where the speech was being delivered, so supporters gathered at a parking lot nearby and watched the speech on a large screen that was set up for the occasion. The crowd started to swell at noon on the same day Biden's victory was announced, holding their blue Democratic Party flags and handmade placards. Some people had been waiting for a few days until the election result was announced, even though the official result  was not verified until days later.

"I have been miserable for the last four years. People hate each other to the core. I can't live in a country like that."  Latin American Deminai Bois (24), who a receptionist at a beauty salon, watched Mr. Biden on the large monitor as the stars and stripes flew above the crowd. At the salon, Ms. Bois has heard racist comments from her customers. She was always unhappy.  "But the nightmare is finally over."

"You too will feel at ease now."

The United States is a "nation of immigrants", which is a source of great strength.  People from all over the world strive for the "American Dream." However, President Trump has built a wall on the Mexican border and has strengthened his stance to exclude immigrants from coming into the country.

Mike Louis (63), a local Wilmington pharmacist, is a second-generation Chinese immigrant. His parents fled the Chinese Civil War and moved to the United States in 1949. "My parents worked hard so I was able to go to college. I want to see this dream passed down from generation to generation to ensure my children’s happiness. The power of that dream has strengthened the US economy."

"It is important for everyone to feel that it is okay to live here. I think everyone will feel at ease now", Louis said.

(abridged) (Translated by C.Samra)

Vocabulary Flash Card Drill

victory     勝利(しょうり)
  • His victory in the 2016 election was a big surprise around the world.  
  • 2016年の選挙での彼の勝利は、世界中で大きな驚きでした。
election     選挙(せんきょ)
  • The presidential election in the United States is on November 3rd, though mail-in voting has already started.  
  • 米国の大統領選挙は11月3日ですが、郵送による投票はすでに始まっています。
unity     団結(だんけつ)
  • The party displayed unity in selecting its next chairman unanimously.  
  • 党は満場一致で次期議長を選出する事で団結を示した。
division     分断(ぶんだん)
  • The division between the two parties is as large as the Grand Canyon.  
  • 二者間の 分断はグランドキャニオンと同じくらい大きい。
society     社会(しゃかい)
  • "America is actually a wealthy, highly advanced society," Evelyn said with a chuckle.  
  • 「アメリカは実は裕福で高度な社会だ」とエブリンは笑いながら言った。
values     価値(かち)
  • Everyone in a society typically shares common values, but there are always exceptions.  
  • 社会の誰もが一般的に共通の価値観を共有していますが、常に例外があります。
miserable     (みじ)めな
  • I've felt miserable since Trump was elected in 2016.  
  • 2016年にトランプが選出されて以来、私は惨めな気持ちになりました。
venue     会場(かいじょう)
  • The venue for tonight's meeting is the beautiful Tower Theatre.  
  • 今夜のミーティングの会場は美しいタワーシアターです。
swell     増加(ぞうか)する
  • The crowd began to swell with each passing hour.  
  • 群衆は時間の経過とともに増加していきました。
placard     プラカード
  • The crowd started to swell at noon on the same day Biden's victory was announced, holding their blue Democratic Party flags and handmade placards.  
  • バイデンの勝利が発表された同じ日の正午に群衆は膨らみ始め、青い民主党の旗と手作りのプラカードを持っていた。
ballot     投票(とうひょう)
  • The mail in ballots for this year's election were tallied late, so we did not know who won until days after election day.  
  • 今年の選挙の郵便での投票用紙は遅れて集計されたため、誰が当選したかは選挙日後数日間わかりませんでした。
to the core     (しん)まで
  • In the US, some republicans hate democrats to the core. Many democrats feel the same way about republicans. This hate is ruining the country.  
  • 米国では、一部の共和党員は民主党員を芯まで嫌っています。多くの民主党員は共和党員について同じように感じています。この憎しみは国を腐敗させています。
Latin American     ラテンアメリカ(じん)
  • Maria is very proud of her Latin American heritage.  
  • マリアはラテンアメリカの伝統を非常に誇りに思っています。
monitor     モニター
  • They broadcast the speech on a huge monitor so everybody could watch.  
  • 彼らは誰もが見ることができるように巨大なモニターでスピーチを放送しました。
the stars and stripes     星条旗(せいじょうき)
  • The stars and stripes flew gloriously atop the fort after the battle was over.  
  • 戦いが終わった後、星条旗は砦の頂上で華々しくなびいた。
racist     人種(じんしゅ)差別(さべつ)(てき)
  • His racist comments caused a fight outside the courthouse, and so the police were called.  
  • 彼の人種差別的なコメントは裁判所の外で争いを引き起こし、警察が呼ばれた。
nightmare     悪夢(あくむ)
  • With the coronavirus, this year has truly been a nightmare.  
  • コロナウイルスのせいで、今年は本当に悪夢でした。
immigrant     移民(いみん)
  • Trump says the influx of illegal immigrants from South America is the reason he wants to build a wall.  
  • トランプは、彼が壁を作りたい理由は南アメリカからの不法移民の流入であると言います。
American Dream     アメリカンドリーム
  • Everybody in the US is chasing the American Dream, but many of them fail, unfortunately.  
  • アメリカでは誰もがアメリカンドリームを追いかけていますが、残念ながらその多くは失敗しています。
pharmacist     薬剤師(やくざいし)
  • The pharmacist at our local drug store told me that I should see my doctor if have any side effects from taking Lipitor.  
  • 地元のドラッグストアの薬剤師は、リピトールの服用による副作用がある場合は医師の診察を受けるべきだと私に言いました。