Lesson : Super Bowl LVII


The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles played in the 2023 Super Bowl on February 12th in Glendale Arizona.

The Chiefs won the game, a 38-35 nail-biter that came down to the wire. A controversial call by the referees late in the 4th quarter tilted the game in the Chiefs favor, though even if the call wasn't made, there was no guarantee that the Eagles would win.

Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs' quarterback, was named Super Bowl Most Valuable Player. He had days earlier been named NFL League MVP, so by winning both awards, he is now considered the best quarterback in the league -with no peers. 

The Eagles scored on their first possession, going down the field with relative ease. It looked like it might be a long day for the Chiefs. But then upon their first possession, the Chiefs went down the field even faster than the Eagles did. 

A key play in the first half brought the Eagles back to earth. After a delay of game penalty, it was third down and six at mid-field. Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts took the snap, but fumbled it without being hit. The ball fell to the ground, and Nick Bolton, the Chief's linebacker, scooped it up and took it all the way for a touchdown.

But the Eagles scored two more touchdowns and a field goal before the end of the half, and led at halftime 24-14.

The halftime show featured a pregnant Rhianna singing a selection of her greatest hits. I am not a fan so I watched politely, but the crowd loved it. 

After a long intermission, the game resumed with the Chiefs getting the kickoff. Just like in the first half, they went quickly down the field and scored, making it a 3 point game. The Eagles added 3 points on a field goal by Jake Eliot.

The fourth quarter was where Mahomes shined the most. He drove the team down the field, and threw a touchdown pass to an open wide receiver. The Eagles defense let the team down with those scores.

The Eagles were forced to punt on their next possession.  Kadarius Toney fielded the punt, and ran for 65 yards to the Eagles 5 yard line. In this case the Eagles special teams failed miserably. This play, along with the first half fumble, were really the key plays of the game for the Chiefs.

That made the score 35-27. But the Eagles did not give up. Hurts promptly drove the Eagles down the field for a touchdown, and then ran the ball in for the two-point conversion to tie the score at 35. What a game!

So the key drive of the game was next, with Mahomes taking the team all the way down the field for the winning field goal by Harrison Butker. A controversial holding penalty on James Bradberry was a key play on that drive. The final score, Chiefs 38, Eagles 35. 

Although I am an Eagles fan, if I look at the last penalty call objectively as I can I have a hard time understanding how it could have been called in that situation. No other holding calls were made prior to this play. Many have echoed my sentiments in the media. I would have liked to have seen the Chiefs kick their field goal, and give the Eagles one more chance to at least tie it up again. Oh well, sure, it sounds a little like sour grapes coming from an avid Eagles fan, but that is who I am, and always will be. 

Flash Card Drill

penalty     ペナルティ
  • The Eagles received a 5 yard penalty for delay of game.  
  • イーグルスは、ゲームの遅延に対して 5 ヤードのペナルティを受けました。
touchdown     タッチダウン
  • Mahomes threw 3 touchdown passes in the Super Bowl.  
  • マホームズはスーパーボウルで 3 回のタッチダウン パスを投げました。
defense     防衛(ぼうえい)
  • The Eagles defense played a terrible game in the second half.  
  • イーグルスのディフェンスは後半にひどい試合をした。
quarterback     クォーターバック
  • The quarterback position is the most important one on every football team.  
  • クォーターバックのポジションは、すべてのフットボール チームで最も重要なポジションです。
linebacker     ラインバッカー
  • The Chiefs' linebackers are very quick, and played very well in the Super Bowl.  
  • チーフスのラインバッカーは非常に速く、スーパーボウルで非常に優れたプレーをしました。
fumble     手探(てさぐ)
  • He fumbled the ball at the 20 yard line, but fortunately it rolled out of bounds.  
  • 彼は 20 ヤード ラインでボールをいじりましたが、幸いなことにアウト オブ バウンズに転がりました。
punt     パント
  • The punt was returned all the way back to the 5 yard line, which turned out to be the play of the game.  
  • パントは 5 ヤード ラインまで戻され、それがゲームのプレーであることが判明しました。
wide receiver     ワイドレシーバー
  • The wide receiver dropped the ball on a crucial third down play, and forced the Eagles to punt.  
  • ワイド レシーバーは、重要な 3 番目のダウン プレーでボールを落とし、イーグルスをパントに追い込みました。
halftime     ハーフタイム
  • At halftime, Rihanna performed some of her most famous songs.  
  • ハーフタイムに、リアーナは彼女の最も有名な曲のいくつかを演奏しました.
sentiment     感情(かんじょう)
  • A loving sentiment can be all it takes to bring comfort during a time of loss.  
  • 愛情のある感情は、喪失の時に慰めをもたらすのに必要なすべてです.
Super Bowl     スーパーボール
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl this year.  
  • タンパベイバッカニアーズは、カンザスシティチーフスを破り今年のスーパーボールで優勝しました。
controversial     物議(ぶつぎ)(かも)
  • The controversial holding call by the referee in the fourth quarter ruined the flow of the game.  
  • 第4クォーターの審判による物議を醸したホールディングコールは、ゲームの流れを台無しにしました。
two-point conversion     2 (てん)変換(へんかん)
  • On the two-point conversion try, Jalen Hurts powered the ball into the end zone for the score, tying the game.  
  • 2ポイントのコンバージョントライで、Jalen Hurtsがボールをエンドゾーンに押し込んでスコアを獲得し、ゲームを引き分けました。
came down to the wire     電線(でんせん)()りてきた
  • The football game came down to the wire, with the outcome decided at the very end by a horrible penalty call.  
  • フットボールの試合は決着がつき、最終的に恐ろしいペナルティ コールによって結果が決定されました。
nail-biter     (つめ)()(くせ)
  • The game was a real nail-biter, with the lead going back and forth all game.  
  • このゲームは、すべてのゲームでリードが行き来する、本当に釘付けでした。
down     ダウン
  • The quarterback ran the ball for 15 yards and a first down.  
  • クォーターバックはボールを 15 ヤード走らせ、最初のダウンを奪った。
delay of game penalty     ゲームペナルティの遅延(ちえん)
  • The delay of game penalty set up a third down and six, which turned out to be a disaster because the quarterback fumbled on the next play.  
  • ゲームペナルティの遅れにより、3ダウンと6ダウンが発生し、クォーターバックが次のプレーで失敗したため、これは惨事であることが判明しました。
field goal     フィールドゴール
  • The Chiefs' kicker Harrison Butker missed a field goal in the first half, but made up for it with a clutch field goal in the last minute of the game.  
  • チーフスのキッカーであるハリソン バトカーは、前半にフィールド ゴールを逃しましたが、ゲームの最後の瞬間にクラッチ フィールド ゴールでそれを補いました。
kickoff     キックオフ
  • Each kickoff went into the end zone, which was rather boring because nobody had a chance to return the kick.  
  • キックオフごとにエンド ゾーンに入りましたが、誰もキックを返す機会がなかったので、かなり退屈でした。
sour grapes     ()()しみ
  • The 49ers fans all often called whiners because they whine about everything. Their whining about losing to the Eagles is just sour grapes.  
  • 49ers のファンは、あらゆることについて愚痴をこぼすので、よく愚痴をこぼします。イーグルスに負けたことについての彼らの泣き言は、ただの酸っぱいブドウです.