Cheat Sheet for Apple Device Troubleshooting

Curriculum: Personal Computers
Published: 2023-01-18
Cheat Sheet for Apple Device Troubleshooting

1) Printing from an iPhone.

There are three ways.

        • (a) Print using AirPrint if the printer supports it.
        • (b) For older printers, use the app that comes with the printer to print.
        • (c) Connect the iPhone directly to the printer with a cable and USB OTG (on-the-go) adapter.


2) Rotate view does not work.  

Disable Screen Rotation Lock in the Command Center of your phone.

3) Fingerprint login does not work on your apps.

Sometimes people's fingers are not suited for using Fingerprint login, so it is best to disable it.  Then, log into each app or website individually, setting the username and password. The app will remember them and auto-fill them on subsequent logins.

4) Google Web and App activity is on?

Though not specifically an Apple device issue, recently Google sent out an email to all its account holders to warn them that Google is collecting their information. This "feature" can be turned off. I sure did on my phone!

5) Changing the FaceBook email address.

Some folks want to change their FB email address to a newer one. It is easy, and best done on a computer rather than the iPhone.

6) Changing the Apple ID email.

Similar to the FB email address, some folks want to update Apple ID (which is normally an email address) to a newer one. This is a more fundamental change, and should be done on the computer by logging into the Apple website.